Friday Heirloom 3: Temple Bar, Dublin

Always wanted to go to Dublin and the entire Ireland. The music, the dance, the art, the view of fields and sea, everything.

If you enjoy this video, then you’ll L-O-V-E today’s heirloom!

Friday Heirloom 3 takes you to Temple Bar, Dublin’s cultural quarter. What you just viewed was a video presentation of Tradfest, a large music festival run in January in the city of Dublin as a means to activate the winter period and usher in the light and energy of Spring. It is based in exclusive heritage buildings such as Dublin City Hall, Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral to name a few…


But don’t get moving just yet… the next session will take place in January 2018!

Instead, what you could do at the moment is attend Dublin’s only art & craft night market. It takes place in the summer, May through September, every Wednesday from 2pm to 8pm. What makes it heirloom is that it features the work of artists & craft…

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