Written on the last day of Pride Month

Today, Germany has become the 22nd country that legalised same-sex marriage.

Three minutes later, homosexuality is officially categorised as ‘abnormal sexual relationship’ in China, along with incest, sexual metamorphosis, sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual violence (網絡視聽節目内容審核通則, (六), 2). I can tolerate masturbation being regarded as porn and sexual freedom being regarded as unhealthy marriage concept, but this, homosexuality as abnormal sexual relationship, is out of question. I believe I’m not the only one, and that is why I post this here.

China was not like this. There was one period of time when we thought we could win. Same-sex intercourse is no longer a crime since 1997, and homosexuality was removed from the list of mental illness in 2001. 16 years passed, and we get the equation: homosexuality = abnormal sexual relationship.

Excuse me?

What is ‘normal sexual relationship’? What is ‘normal’? Just because heterosexual relationship is what we see the most? I remember there was a short film on YouTube in which homosexuality becomes the most popular, and a heterosexual girl gets teased, bullied, and ends up committing suicide. When I was in uni in Beijing, once, we mentioned the topic of homosexual. We were only joking about things like ‘maybe he will find a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend’, and then the teacher said, ‘Well, I hope that all of us in this class are still normal people.’ She taught ethics and politics.

Banning homosexual contents from the Internet, TV and silver screen won’t work. Homosexuality will not misguide the young generation; the interdiction of it will. Equalising homosexuality to behaviours like sexual metamorphosis is wrong itself, and this wrong view is what people are taught now in China. 50 years ago, this could probably have some effect, but it’s 2017. Young people watch SKAMand read gay fics. We know how to find what we want without getting caught. One day, everyone will know.

I’m more disappointed and upset than angry. It’s like watching a seed germinate, grow its first two leafs, become taller and taller each day, and then boom, it gets nipped off by the very hands that planted it.

I’m Chinese; I have a very close friend who is gay; two of my roommates are bisexual, and I am too. I fight for LGBTQIA+ right in China because I’m part of the community, but everyone can and should show their support. As Andrew Scott said, ‘You don’t have be a miner to know about union politics or be a gay person to really embrace it. It speaks that we’re all the same really. And rather than going, “That’s got nothing to do with me because that’s not my personal experience,” my own personal experience, actually, I feel, is kind of irrelevant. It’s about our own humanity.’

Worldwide acceptance of homosexuality as well as other sexual orientations will come anyway; it’s just a matter of time. I still like to think that China is not going to be the last one to take this step.

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